Creating corporate and community collaborations



Construction procurement policy

We assist construction companies and government to meet the objectives set out in their reconciliation action plans and procurement policies.

With over a decade of delivering community outreach programs, we have build the trust of families and community leaders through consistency and loyalty. 

Trust is vital to building a long term, sustainable relationship between vulnerable people and employers.

Positive social impact comes from solutions which reflect the cultural diversity of the community.

Through our partnerships with YARN Australia , TAFE NSW  and community, we deliver culturally appropriate construction based training programs which meet the needs of both community and business.


Re-thinking recreational spaces.

By partnering with the best track building company in the world, Velosolutions we are able to create employment through the design and construction of pumptrack projects.
Our partnership with TAFE NSW enables us to provide accreditation courses linked to our employment which significantly inproves the long term employment prospects of our program participants.


Creating employment through innovative waste diversion solutions

We offer an innovative waste diversion program which not only solves waste management problems in the building industry, events industry and the office relocations industry, but we also create training and employment opportunities for vulnerable youth.

Our waste diversion program helps builders, event coordinators and relocation project managers meet their social impact and environmental management plan targets by: 

  • Eliminating landfill

  • Creating employment for the most vulnerable youth.

  • Through our community outreach programs, we are able to directly recruit ​the most vulnerable people who most benefit from gaining employment and training through our recycling projects. 

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