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Balance bike and scooter class
Age group: 1-5yrs
Location: Early childhood learning centres, community centres.
Duration: 1 hr session per week
We provide balance bikes, scooters, helmets, and coach.
These sessions are all about making a fun atmosphere that encourages toddlers to try bike riding. Our balance bikes are designed specifically for toddlers. The lower stand over height (The height of the bike frame where you step over) allows the shortest little legs to reach the ground while sitting on the bike seat, Balance bikes don’t have pedals. Riders will sit on the seat and generate speed by running with their legs rather than pedaling.
This gives kids an opportunity to start riding bikes much earlier that they would on a pedal bike. By simplifying the bike, it allows toddlers to just focus on balancing alone, hence the name “Balance bike”.
We encourage families to buy bikes of their own and continue riding after our program ending. Parents are always asking us “Where can we buy these bikes?” once they see how enthusiastic their child is during and after our sessions.
The toddler program incorporates basic road safety which is based on the key messages of the “kids and Traffic” program.

Our Toddler program passes on key road safety massages to families and carers, reinforcing that adults are responsible for the road safety of children. By including families and carers into our sessions, we pass on information to parents about road safety, local BMX clubs, local riding, skateboarding and scooter facilities/events.
Participants of our toddler balance class show signs of:

  • Increased confidence

  • New or improved bike skills

  • Social skills development

  • Road and traffic awareness