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Hunters Hill, NSW

Overview: Council come to us with a common problem of young bike riders digging un-authorised dirt jumps in sensitive bush land.

Objective: To create a Bike Park that eliminates the need for riders to build jumps in sensitive bushland.
To achieve this, we immediately recognised that this project will be centered around targeted community engagement and consultation.
After all, if we don't satisfy the needs of the local riders, they will continue to dig their own jumps.
After extensive consultation with rider groups, parents and schools, we had an approved design ready for construction.

Outcome: Since completion, council has commented this track has virtually eliminated the problem of unauthorized jumps being built and is one of their most used youth facilities.

Mount Gambier, South Australia

Overview: With a growing Mountain Bike and BMX community, council wanted to create a world class pump track for locals,  that would also attract international race events.
Our team was awarded the tender to design and construct a large pump track to host the Redbull Pump Track World Championships.

Objective: We had the task of designing a world class advanced pump track that also engaged local recreational riders who are beginner bike, scooter and skateboarding riders.

Outcome: We hosted 2 rounds of the Redbull UCI World Championships and the track gets an enormous amount of recreational use all year round.
Mountain Bike Club President, Andrew Jones, has commented the pump track has attracted many interstate and international visitors to Mt Gambier.

Mount Gambier, South Australia

Overview: With the success of our previous pump track across town, council decided to fund another pump track which was to provide a safe and engaging space for beginner and intermediate riders.

Our team was awarded the design and construction tender.

Objective: To engage the community and local kids within a specific part of Mt Gambier. Given the low socio-economic status of South Side Mt Gambier, we delivered our youth mentoring program.

Outcome: We successfully delivered our youth mentoring program in collaboration with state government agencies, engaging 30 disadvantaged youth who had input into the track design.
The local youth were heavily involved in the design and construction.
Since completion, council has commented that this track is heavily used and is protected by the local youth and their parents.


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